Sunday, February 08, 1998

Update on the Zelikovitz's

I recently received this email from Solomon Epstein's brother Samuel Cohen's great-grandson Joel Zelikovitz. That makes him our cousin.
Dear David,

I was recently shown the Epstein Family tree. I thought I could fill in some blanks. I am Joel Zelikovitz. My paternal great grandfather was Samuel Cohen. (We have great photo's of him & his family).

My father, William, passed away June 25th 1997. He was President of Maude Lake Gold Mines which recently was taken over by McWatters Gold Mines. My uncle Joe Zelikovitz just passed away last week. The Ottawa Citizen did a wonderful article on him last Sunday. He played for the Roughriders and still holds a record for most interceptions in a game.(7) However the CFL started in 1958 & his record was 1938 Oct 15th. So it is a Canadian Senior Football Record not a CFL record.

Joel Zelikovitz
He also sent some updates to the geneology page. I found a link to an earlier newspaper article about his uncle, who was called the "Flying Hebrew" by the sportswriters of his day. The article is in the next post.

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